Yale Scandere

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Scandere is a step above other arborist ropes in construction, offering superior visibility, abrasion resistance and longevity thanks to its solution-cast fiber and an extra-thick sleeve. The rope, designed primarily for SRT applications, features 48 strands of high-tenacity polyester braided over a core of steam-stabilized nylon. This new core construction promotes flexibility, prevents stiffness and maximizes energy absorption while allowing the rope to maintain its shape and firmness. At 11.7 millimeters, the rope is at once easy to handle and highly compatible with mechanical devices, including the Singing Tree Rope Wrench and Rope Runner.


Average Breaking Strength: 7,100 lbs

Elastic Elongation: 3% at 10% ABS; low stretch

Weight: 6.5lb per 100′

Construction: Kernmantle

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1,800', 150' (46M) With Sewn Eye, 200' (61M) With Sewn Eye, 150' (46M), 200' (61M), Per Foot


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