RNA 5/8″ Amethyst Dead Eye Slings


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The eye sling is perhaps the most versatile tether for rigging hardware. A block, Portawrap or other device is secured within the sling’s eye, and a choking hitch such as a cow hitch or timber hitch is tied using the running end. Amethyst is a 12 strand hollow braid rope constructed with two ends per carrier to provide optimum performance in sling applications. Each strand is solution-dyed to prevent premature color loss or fading.

The Amethyst Dead Eye Combo comes supplied with a Notch Medium Portawrap

  • High strength
  • 12″ Eye
  • Higher Strength than Double Braid
  • Low Stretch
  • Urethane
  • Conforms to the surface of objects being lifted for optimum grip


5/8″  2,000 lbf


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