RNA 12mm Amethyst Rigging Line


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At 12mm, this 100% polyester double braid is slightly smaller than 1/2”(true half-inch lines are 12.7mm) and is a lightweight, high-performance rope. Unique to Amethyst are the overload indicators: strands set at regular intervals in the rope which show when the rope has been subjected to overload.


  • 100% Polyester
  • Overload indicator
Diameter (inches / mm) : 1/2”* / 12mm
Average Strength : 8,767 lb. (39 kN)
Construction : Double Braid
Weight per 100’ / 100m : 6.9 lb / 10.3 kg


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1,969' (600M), 150' (46M), 200' (61M), 600' (183M), Per Foot


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