8mm Resc Tech Captive Lineman Belt System


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Looking for the simplest, and lightest saddle hunting tether/lineman’s belt available? Look no further. Resc Tech has quickly become the rope of choice for serious saddle hunters that demand the most from their gear. UHMWPE/Polypropylene blended core, the rope does not take in water. The Technora® in the sheath caters for high abrasion and heat resistance. This rope allows for operations to be quick without compromising strength and ensuring safety in even the most challenging situations.

Included is an 9′ rope with a CNC sewn termination, 12″ TRC Prusik Loop, and two Omega Pacific Triple Lock Raider.  

TRC Prusik Loop: Compact form and lightweight functionality, this continuous loop is sewn together providing more strength than a knot. Clear tubing allows for easy inspection and protects the stitching.

Raider Triple Lock w/ Captive Eye: This option is unrivaled when it comes to hunter safety. The self locking gate offers greater security when compared to standard screw lock carabiners. The removeable captive eye helps to prevent accidental gate loading.

System Weight: 8.4 oz

SWL: 300 lbf.


  • Hunting from an elevated position is dangerous and risky.
  • Do not attempt to climb off the ground without
    understanding the safety risks.
  • Failure to follow and understand all directions and watch
    all instructional videos could result in injury or death.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.
  • Always know the history and maintenance of your
    climbing equipment. The use of secondhand
    equipment is discouraged.


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