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SAKA® the most efficient, functional, and versatile knee ascender on the market.

It makes for the fastest and most efficient climbers in the world. Join today,

get a SAKA®

  • Use straight from the package or customize to your exact needs.
  • Super stretch bungee with Dyneema cover and solid rubber core for improved performance and wear resistance.
  • Non load-bearing bungee guide, for quick rebound and easy bungee replacement.
  • Adjustable load bearing tether for maximum versatility to meet any reasonable stride or climbing conditions.
  • Long legs, short legs, walking or running, competing or working, the SAKA ™ will suit your needs.
  • Stores easily. Elastic “sock” for excess bungee storage.
  • Other options for use are available, single bungee and bungee-less.
  • Improved foot loop for a tighter fit, no flop and compact connection point.
  • Climbers weight bearing and device tending are performed by separate components for improved performance and efficiency.
  • 10oz total weight.

SAKA mini-MAX v2 Diagram

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