Omega Pacific Deputy+ Tool Carrier


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With a shape based on our popular Phantom carabiner, smooth key nose gate, and the raddest colors around, you’ll never want to climb without the Deputy by your side! This tool-racking carabiner has a deep hook, a hot forged bent gate, and is compatible with all of today’s most popular arborist saddles and work at height harnesses.

The Deputy’s textile friendly frame prevents abrasion on webbing, while the wide back provides reliable orientation so you find your tools right where you need them, every time.  It’s light-weight, durable, and easy on the eyes!


Weight: 3.8 oz / 107.72 g

Gate Opening: 1.02 in / 26 mm

Length: 4.57 in / 116.32 mm

Width: 2.55 in / 65 mm

WLL : 50 lbs

Max Webbing Height: 1.76 in / 44.78 mm




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