Notch SRS Chester Chest Harness


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A comfortable, low-profile and versatile chest harness that was purpose-built for SRT Climbing.


The Chester was designed by original 4SRT chest harness creator, Mike Storey. With staggered loops that allow for multiple height preferences, you can dial in the Chester to your exact requirements. Made from lightweight and durable nylon webbing, the Chester is more comfortable and a serious upgrade from using a makeshift rope and carabiner to help tend your SRT ascent. Plus, it looks cool. Install your Magneato, and now you have effortless connection with your Rope Runner as you ascend.
  • Improved daisy chain webbing
  • Staggered clip-in loops allow for multiple height preferences
  • Lightweight and low-profile
  • Min circumference: 74cm
  • Max circumference: 128cm
  • Weight: .5lb / .27kg

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