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Lanyard tangles are a thing of the past with the Sidekick lanyard manager. Super simple and lightweight, it allows you to be more efficient in the canopy, while keeping your work positioning lanyard snag-free.

Smaller, lighter-weight, and more intuitive than other lanyard managers available, the Sidekick is your ultimate partner in the canopy. By simply attaching it to your harness with a micro carabiner, you can tend your lanyard tail with one hand, and without looking. 1 movement feeds the rope through the friction nodes, which creates three loops. Made from durable plastic without moving parts, it will stand up to any task in the canopy. It will quickly become a seamless part of your climb every single day.
  • Intuitive one-handed operation without looking
  • Automatically adjusts to most lanyard diameters
  • Feed the rope through the friction nodes- one movement creates 3 loops
  • Multiple attachment orientations
  • Use both ends of your lanyard
  • Easy to set up with a wide variety of lanyard configurations
  • Durable construction with no moving parts
  • Small and lightweight
  • Length: 9cm / 3.54”
  • Height: 15cm / 5.9”
  • Width:  4cm / 1.57”
  • Weight: 80gm / .2lb
  • Made from Glass Fill Nylon and elastic

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