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RNA Ambassadors are experienced arborists, climbers, and tree care specialists. We hand-select our Ambassador team to assist us in product design and testing and they provide us their expert opinions on how we can make our products the best they can be.

Ben Owens | Ben Owens has been an arborist since 2017 after learning about Forestry during his high school education. When he’s not in the canopy you can find him hunting or fishing. His favorite RNA product are Speedline slings – “Snaps and overall build is great and I LOVE speedlining.” Find him on Instagram and YouTube.

Adam Williams | Adam Williams has been an arborist for 14 years. After watching a tree company cut down his neighbors’ tree, he asked for a job and started work the next day. He is mostly self-taught and built his business, Northern Arborist LLC, from the ground up. When he’s not in the canopy, he enjoys camping with family and vacationing with his wife. His favorite RNA products are carabiners and friction savers – “because I can trust them with my life.” Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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