Rope Logic’s 1/2in Tenex Spider Leg Rigging Sling 20′


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The Spider Leg Balancer is a unique style of eye sling that a rigger attaches to a bull rope or lowering line (using a Klemheist or 3-wrap prusik), to create one or more quickly adjustable “legs” to the line’s working end. With a single lowering line and one or more Spider Legs, the operator is able to better control unorthodox limbs in precarious locations, usually by tying the rigging line to the heavier limb base and attaching Spider Legs to the limbs mid to tip region(s). Using more than one Spider Leg allows the rigger to balance sprawling limbs that might otherwise require excessive dissection before lowering.

Although the Spider Leg can also be used as an eye sling for mounting a block or Portawrap in a pinch, the eye is unusually long and doesn’t make for a good “standard use” eye sling.

TENSILE STRENGTH:11,800 lbs ( 52.4 kN )
WLL:1180 lbs ( 5.2 kN )

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