Rope Logic 3/4in Tenex TRIblock ULTRAsling


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The experts at Rope Logic® have spliced a Notch Triple Thimble into a convenient 3/4″ Tenex-TEC ultra sling for quick installation anywhere you need it. Simply pass the Triple Thimble around the tree and through the closest pocket to create a fast and secure connection.The Triple Thimble can be used to add friction at the rigging point or to run more than one rigging line at a time.

• Max Running Rope Diameter: 3/4″
• MBS: 14,600lbs
• Pocket Size: 9in
• Usable Length: 9 feet
• Total Length: 10 feet

Running your rigging line through more than one hole of the thimble reduces forces on the rigging point and makes it easier to control the load. Offset holes prevent any rope-on-rope friction. You can also add a second sling through one of the holes to create a floating anchor point.

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