RNA Dead Eye Sling 5/8″ x 16′ With 5/8″ Aluminum Block


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The eye sling is perhaps the most versatile tether for rigging hardware. A block, Portawrap or other device is secured within the sling’s eye, and a choking hitch such as a cow hitch or timber hitch is tied using the running end. Although one must know knots to use an eye sling, there’s no arguing its efficient simplicity.

This rope’s construction is stronger and more flexible than others because of its loosely woven, hollow construction. Since there’s no core to this rope, abrasion wear is distributed throughout the cordage where it can be more easily monitored.

COLOR: yellow

DIAMETER: 16mm (5/8″)
LENGTH: 16 ft
MATERIAL: Polyester
WLL: 2160 lbf

Features & Benefits:

  • 25 kN WLL / 125 kN MBS
  • Hot forged aluminum side plates with rope friendly rounded cheeks
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum sheaves with wide bend radii
  • Low profile, secure, easy to-open captive screw pin lock High wall, full diameter, improved anchor sling protection
  • Wide, concave upper sheave accepts 1” anchor slings
  • Flared sideplates reduce twisting in complex rigging scenarios

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