Ape Canyon Outfitters Pioneer Saddle Obskura Transitional


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We’ve taken our extensive background in life safety product manufacturing, and set a goal to bring hunters affordable USA made products built with safety in mind. Each production run under goes extensive testing on components and individual assemblies to ensure that what we bring to market is of the highest level of safety.

Don’t let the price point fool you, the Pioneer is a feature packed, quality saddle brought to you at a reasonable price. We take pride in producing our saddles in house, which means that we control the price point and pass the savings on to you.


  • 9.5mm Ghillie Rope bridge, with a sewn TRC prussik for progress capture. TRC’s was chosen over Amsteel due to greater durability, heat resistance and gripping capability.
  • Patent Pending Bridge Gap Adjustment Straps to put you in control of the saddle contour and cupping.
  • Austri Alpine frame buckles are featured on the legs and waist.
  • 2″ loops under the linemans loops for back up rappel loops.
  • The chassis is collapsible for a 5″ profile while walking in.
  • Load bearing CNC stitching for higher strength, greater predictability, and ease of inspection


Small- 30″-34″ Waist

Medium- 34″-38″ Waist

Large- 38″-44″ Waist

Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.


Obskura was born out of the vast experience and insight Kryptek gained through the U.S. Army Camo Improvement Effort and development efforts with other Foreign Militaries. In summary, the macro-pattern of Kryptek’s original family of patterns became the micro-pattern for Obskura, and elements inspired by the extensively proven Tiger Stripe Camo became the macro-pattern.

Obskura Transitional blends in with numerous environments within the transitional classification of terrain that makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface. Proven through military studies and analysis, Transitional uses medium value colors based off the prominent Pantones found in those environments. These colors have a greater tendency to make use of ambient light reflected off surrounding objects for maximum blending effect.

Ape Canyon Outfitters (a subsidiary of the Weinel Group) and CGM have teamed up to provide hunters with a wide range of USA made, safe, and widely available saddle hunting products.

Jerry Grose of CGM has years of experience engineering and developing outdoor equipment and has made recognized advancements to the industry. Since the 1980’s, the Weinel Group has specialized in life safety equipment manufacturing. With The Weinel Groups’ history and ability to produce, test, and inspect gear at a high volume and CGM’s extensive knowledge, ingenuity, and customization flexibility, the saddle hunting industry is sure to benefit from this unique approach to equipment development and production.
Collaboration between CGM & ACO means that the bar for saddle hunting safety standards just got higher – and that there will be more affordable and easily obtainable, all-USA-made saddle hunting gear coming soon.


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