Ape Canyon Outfitters 9.5mm Lineman Belt


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Designed specifically for the modern outdoorsman, Ghillie is constructed with a balanced-ply non-rotational polyester core and a 32 strand sheath for extended life. At 32 strands, you get the optimum sheath-to-core ratio, allowing for higher tensile strength and an incredibly smooth hand feel.

Included is an 9′ rope with a CNC sewn termination. 

  • Maximum UV and abrasion resistance
  • Optimized sheath for better grip and handling
  • Low elongation
  • Strength is unaffected when wet
Diameter (mm) MBS Rating (kN)
9.5 23
Elongation at 300 lb (%) MBS Rating (lb)
.9 5,170


  • Hunting from an elevated position is dangerous and risky.
  • Do not attempt to climb off the ground without
    understanding the safety risks.
  • Failure to follow and understand all directions and watch
    all instructional videos could result in injury or death.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.
  • Always know the history and maintenance of your
    climbing equipment. The use of secondhand
    equipment is discouraged.

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