Ape Canyon Outfitters 9.5mm Ghillie Lineman and Tether Kit


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The ACO 9.5mm Ghillie Lineman and Tether Kit is a must have for anyone looking to hunt safely.

Included is a 9′ lineman’s belt and 9′ tree tether with a CNC sewn terminations, 2 x 12″ TRC Prusik Loops, Saddle Pouch in Kryptek Highlander, and three Omega Pacific Raider 3-Stage Quik-Lok carabiners.

TRC Prusik Loop: Compact form and lightweight functionality, this continuous loop is sewn together providing more strength than a knot. Clear tubing allows for easy inspection and protects the stitching.

Raider 3-Stage Quik-Lok: The Raider’s sleek I-Beam construction allows us to remove weight where it’s not needed, and add material to boost strength and durability. The symmetrical oval shape will naturally self center when loaded, and helps to limit load shifting. These characteristic makes it ideal for use in high speed tactical environments.

Saddle Pouch Kryptek Highlander: The ACO Saddle Pouch is a stylish and convenient gear storage solution for the modern hunter.

  • Tri Glide Buckles allow for seamless integration to molle
  • Reinforced opening makes inserting or removing gear a breeze
  • Large enough to fit a 40′ 9mm lifeline, lanyards, thermos, or other essentials
  • Constructed with 1000 Denier Kryptek Highlander fabric
  • 7″x 6″ x 3″


Specially designed for those geographical regions and elevations that are varied. Kryptek Highlander™ increases stealth when pursuing a wide range of quarry in mixed terrain.

SWL: 300 lbf.


  • Hunting from an elevated position is dangerous and risky.
  • Do not attempt to climb off the ground without
    understanding the safety risks.
  • Failure to follow and understand all directions and watch
    all instructional videos could result in injury or death.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.
  • Always know the history and maintenance of your
    climbing equipment. The use of secondhand
    equipment is discouraged.


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