Ape Canyon Outfitters 6mm TRC Eye to Eye Hitch Cord 23″


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TRC: Compact form and lightweight functionality, this sewn eye to eye is not only more streamlined that tied knots, but also stronger. Clear tubing allows for easy inspection and protects the stitching. Manufacturer recommended Prusik cord for OpLux, this 6mm specialty cord by Sterling features a durable Technora sheath and a nylon core. Our TRC hitch cords are 23″ in length so that users have the ability to tie more hitch variations. Shorter lengths greatly reduce the amount of hitches that can be tied.

Why are our products so much less in cost? 

We are the manufacture of the finished product, which means that we have greater control of the quality, availability, and price point. With 41 years of manufacturing life safety components, we have the experience and automated production capabilities to mass produce products of the highest level of quality and safety, all at a fraction of the cost of others. We believe in quality at a fair price, so we pass those savings along to our valued customers.

Diameter (mm): 6mm

MBS Rating (kN) 18.23

MBS Rating (lb) 4,100 when tested in a basket configuration


  • Hunting from an elevated position is dangerous and risky.
  • Do not attempt to climb off the ground without
    understanding the safety risks.
  • Failure to follow and understand all directions and watch
    all instructional videos could result in injury or death.
  • You are responsible for your own actions and decisions.
  • Always know the history and maintenance of your
    climbing equipment. The use of secondhand
    equipment is discouraged.


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